What is OT Park?

Our goal is to work with you and your family to empower you with the tools to facilitate optimal performance in your child’s daily activities and development beyond.

At OT Park we believe that all children are capable of reaching their full potential when provided with age appropriate skill challenges, proper tools, and enough opportunities. We provide prime pediatric occupational therapy services. Our therapist is internationally trained and specialized in treating pediatric population right. 

Virtual OT Services

We are currently Virtual! Our Virtual OT Occupational Therapy sessions are most loved and have brought results among our clients. 

With these sessions, we aim to take families dealing with:

  • Handwriting troubles
  • Inattention and tantrums
  • Feeding difficulties
  • Visual and motor dysfunction
  • Developmental dysfunctions 

And we also give you the tools to provide a safe, therapeutic situation that allows your child to cope and evolve in a sensory-appropriate environment.

What is so unique about OT Park?

We are the first in the industry to provide kids’ developmentally correct activity sets, worksheets, how-to-guide and high quality materials in a box. These 0-3 years boxes are popular among new parents who believe in no-screen-parenting and want to raise their kids developmentally correct. 

Our sessions are complemented by materials and worksheets designed for your child’s specific developmental stage and abilities, to facilitate safe hands-on activities aimed at your family’s functional goals.

This will result in:

  • Quality time with your kid
  • Confidence that you’re parenting with purpose
  • Joy in knowing that your child is on the right developmental path
  • Go-to materials and activities for “down-time” that are aimed at functional goals


What We Offer

Here at OT Park, our goal is to provide families with the best. The best and the highest quality age appropriate skilled activities, education and developmentally correct strategies with great quality materials at the most affordable rates for the whole family.

Virtual OT

Occupational, Sensory, and Behavior therapy for kids from birth to 8 years. 

Parents Coaching

Virtual Meetings, constant Email Support and much more! 


Standardized Assessments for visual motor, sensory, ADL, gross and fine motor, handwriting, and much more. 

Early Intervention

Specialized plan for your newborn to 3 years to help infants and toddlers meet family routines and rituals related goals.

OT Park Box

Ready to use age appropriate box or Customize your Box with us. 

*conditions apply
Free 15 Minute Consultation

A $110 Valued FREE consultation call. Let's chat over HIPAA-compliant software and discuss how we may help you! 

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