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What is OT Park?

OT Park Llc is a Subscription box business that prides itself on bringing a variety of developmentally appropriate kids activities straight to your doorstep. These activities are expertly designed by an Occupational Therapist who has vast experience in pediatric occupational therapy.

This box is designed to create a perfect balance of a child’s daily routines, family time, and learning with fun. This unique box informs parents what developmental skills to expect at a child’s age and also provides great quality materials to work on that variety of skills.

According to research child development occurs most intense during the early years. Every single developmental skill has a specific age milestone. OT Park presents exceptional activities to provide just the right challenge to the child. These keenly designed activities would bring learning with fun for the whole family.

OT Park believes that all children are capable of reaching their full potential when provided with age-appropriate skill-challenges, proper tools, and enough opportunities. Each monthly box has high-quality activity materials.

Each box includes an array of hands-on activities and instructions of ideas for different crafts that focus on gross motor and fine motor skills; Cognitive Skills, handwriting development, ideas, and tasks focused on activities of daily living skills such as brushing teeth, dressing, etc; visual-motor; and social skills related tasks - All in one box.

Subscribers also get an Activity Guide in the box. This booklet is all about fabulous early learning concepts, great ideas to do age-appropriate activities with children, and detailed information conveniently written for the family.

All the activities work at your own pace and are designed to be able to use and work on with your child to master them.

We are sure OT Park box will help engage you and your child together in fun, and meaningful learning activities and will help blossom your child’s skills potential.


Why OT Park Box Matters?

The shine in a child’s eyes when he gets to have fun is truly a spectacle to behold. But the greater gift is the sparkle in the parents’ eyes when they can turn that something fun into an educational gift for their child. At OT Park, we build a foundation to provide you with an amazing future for your child.

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What Parents Say

The OT Park mission is to provide affordable, high-quality early education and childcare services for working families to ensure every child.

What We Offer

Here at OT Park, our goal is to provide families with the best. The best and the highest quality age appropriate skilled activities, education and developmentally correct strategies with great quality materials at the most affordable rates for the whole family.

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