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Thanks to our state of the art sensory gym, Our Therapists have so many treatment options. This increases their creativity and innovation when it comes to designing unique treatment programs for your child. After all, your chid deserves the best and OT Park wants to provide the best equipments to our therapist to provide best to your child.  

OT Park Sensory gym’s mission is to provide a platform for therapists to be innovative and creative when it comes to design highly efficient and successful treatment plans to help children acclimate to new stimuli and help foster independence.

OT Park Sensory gym include swings, ball pits, zip-lines, monkey bars, rock walls, trampolines, castle structures, seclusion areas, and jump decks, over and under tunnel, sensory lights room. Over time children will gradually have increased confidence not only during therapy but also at home and school. 


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Gross Motor Skills

  • Involving large muscles of the arms, legs, and torso in performing body movements.
  • Kids rely on Gross Motor skills for almost all their play activities, at school, and at home and community 
  • Gross Motor Skills includes activities such as sitting, standing, running, crawling, climbing, jumping etc. 

Fine Motor Skills

  • Ability to control the small movements of the hands and fingers
  • Dexterity is to be able to manipulate objects efficiently using hands and fingers
  • Activities such as: Using pencil and crayons, writing, Scissors, Lego or blocks constructions, Buttoning and unbuttoning, tying shoe laces, holding cups or spoons, Being able to press the buttons or open a lock with the key.

Cognitive Skills

  • Cognition refers to information processing functions carried out by the brain such as Information processing functions, Judgement, Concept Formation,Executive Functions, Praxis ,Insight,Cognitive Flexibility, Memory,Attention and more. 
  • Cognitive functions can happen during conscious and unconscious levels.
  • Kids’ functional cognition is defined as how they use and integrate their thinking and processing skills to accomplish every day activities in school, home, and community environments.

Emotional Regulation

  • Emotions are integral part of human lives. Occupational therapist provides evidence based intervention to increase self-regulation skills using variety of calming strategies, cognitive strategies and sensory supports.
  • A child get more aware about his/her feeling such as happy, sad, Angry, Silly, worried, confused etc. Once they know what they are going through, they can implement learned strategies to control over or under responsiveness to these emotions and that other people can see in controlled behaviors. 

Communication skills

Communication is hard work! OT Park Box provides simple ready made activities to help your little one build important communication skills from the start.

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OT Park is a place for children of all ability levels to play and grow together. As the only kid’s gym that offers an inclusive philosophy, we have found all children can benefit from our uniquely designed sensory equipment that is specifically designed to aid children with sensory processing disorders. However, in our experience, all children are able to benefit greatly from this equipment and by allowing children of all ability levels to play together they are able to learn a great deal from each other and become the best motivation for success on every level.


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Take a lookWhat ExpertsSay about OT Park

Bryan Edwards – President, Occupational Therapy Association Of California, visited OT Park and explained why sensory gyms are so important for kids and how OT Park provides a safe and fun environment for kids.


What OT Park Offers

OT Park’s mission is to be one-stop place for all sensory development needs for your kids. we have state of the art sensory gym which allows us to provide high quality therapy services, sensory based programs, sensory playtime and host the most fun birthday parties.

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Occupational Therapy which focuses on various developmental skills for kids.

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Smiles all around and non-stop fun birthday parties at OT Park.

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Custom handwriting programs uniquely designed for your child.

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The Best Sensory Classes in group setting to allow social elements. Laugh together and have fun together.

Special 1:1 Sensory Classes

1:1 setting sensory classes. Full attention on your child for best development.

Playtime at Sensory Gym

Book our entire sensory gym for your child or group of your kids.


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