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OT Park box contains developmentally correct skilled activities related information and high quality materials all in one place designed by an Occupational Therapist. Each box focuses your child’s overall physical, psychological & emotional growth.

Gross Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Cognitive Skills

Social skills

Sensory Skills

Gross Motor Skills

  • Involving large muscles of the arms, legs, and torso in performing body movements.
  • Kids rely on Gross Motor skills for almost all their play activities, at school, and at home and community 
  • Gross Motor Skills includes activities such as sitting, standing, running, crawling, climbing, jumping etc. 

Fine Motor Skills

  • Ability to control the small movements of the hands and fingers
  • Dexterity is to be able to manipulate objects efficiently using hands and fingers
  • Activities such as: Using pencil and crayons, writing, Scissors, Lego or blocks constructions, Buttoning and unbuttoning, tying shoe laces, holding cups or spoons, Being able to press the buttons or open a lock with the key.

Cognitive Skills

  • Cognition refers to information processing functions carried out by the brain such as Information processing functions, Judgement, Concept Formation,Executive Functions, Praxis ,Insight,Cognitive Flexibility, Memory,Attention and more. 
  • Cognitive functions can happen during conscious and unconscious levels.
  • Kids’ functional cognition is defined as how they use and integrate their thinking and processing skills to accomplish every day activities in school, home, and community environments.

Emotional Regulation

  • Emotions are integral part of human lives. Occupational therapist provides evidence based intervention to increase self-regulation skills using variety of calming strategies, cognitive strategies and sensory supports.
  • A child get more aware about his/her feeling such as happy, sad, Angry, Silly, worried, confused etc. Once they know what they are going through, they can implement learned strategies to control over or under responsiveness to these emotions and that other people can see in controlled behaviors. 

Sensory Functions

  • Sensory integration focuses primarily on three basic skills such as Tactile Vestibular and Proprioceptive. Other senses that we focus on are Vision,Smell,Hearing,Touch and pressure,Balance and movement against gravity, Proprioception, Pain,Temperature sensitivity, and taste. 
  • Occupational Therapist engage kids in various play based activities that are designed to regulate their sensory input, to make them feel comfortable, secure and if the sensory system is regulated, they are more able to attend the task on hand in different environments. 

  • Some kids have hypo or hyper sensitivity, and with a detailed standardized evaluation, an OT can help finding exact sense that needs to get regulated. 
  • The regulated sensory system helps child function independently, happily and comfortably, in activities such as, play with peers, eating all textured foods, taking bath or being able to allow brush in the mouth, etc.

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