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Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Our therapy is led by award winning occupational therapist and backed by research.

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Social Groups

Group occupational therapy promotes skill development and collaboration for enhanced well-being.

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Speech Therapy

Discover the power of effective communication and build confidence in your voice through personalized speech therapy.

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Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)

Empowering Every Child’s Potential: Tailored Occupational Therapy Assessments for Unique Learning Journeys.

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Feeding therapy ot park

Feeding Therapy

Centers on assisting children in mastering eating basics or improving their dietary habits, employing customized techniques aligned with their unique needs and developmental level.Read More


Experience personalized therapy from the comfort of your home with teletherapy, bringing professional guidance directly to you. Utilizing advanced technology for real-time connections, ensuring each session is as effective as in-person visits.

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What makes OT ParkDifferent?

Our programs focus on each child’s development in social-emotional growth, gross and fine motor skills, langOur pediatric occupational therapy stands out by incorporating evidence-based practices and cutting-edge research into our approach.uage and literacy.

OT Park Sensory gym


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We employ scientifically validated methods that target specific developmental milestones, leveraging neuroplasticity to optimize a child’s cognitive and motor skills.

We maintain a collaborative partnership with parents, fostering a synergy that promotes comprehensive and scientifically informed care. This unique combination of personalized, research-driven methodologies and a family-oriented approach ensures that every child receives the scientifically sound, tailored support they need to thrive.

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Sensory Equipments


Different Swings


Years of Experience



What We Offer

Our mission at OT Park is to pioneer the application of cutting-edge research in pediatric occupational and speech therapy. We are committed to advancing the frontiers of science to provide evidence-based, innovative care that enables children to thrive. Our dedication to scientific rigor informs every aspect of our practice, from personalized therapies rooted in the latest neuroscientific insights to the compassionate support we offer families.


Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Transforming young lives through tailored pediatric occupational therapy.


Social Groups

Group occupational therapy promotes skill development and collaboration for enhanced well-being.


Skills For Life Programs

Handwriting, Gross-motor, fine-motor, visual-motor, Sensory Play, Self-regulation programs


Birthday Party

Look into the eyes of a young child and see the sparkle


Activity Rooms

Look into the eyes of a young child and see the sparkle


Healthy Food

Look into the eyes of a young child and see the sparkle

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OT Park Process


Book an In-Person Screening for child’s therapy services.



Comprehensive evaluation of your child to create a personalized therapy plan.

Future Prosperity

Creating a flourishing future for your child through effective treatment.

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At OT ParkWe Believe

Our programs focus on each child’s development in social-emotional growth, gross and fine motor skills, language and literacy.

  • Children Express Themselves Through Actions
  • Creating Safe and Fun Enviorment
  • Children Acquire Knowledge Through Play
  • Concentrated on Life Skills Development

What Parents Say

At OT Park, our goal is to lead the way in implementing advanced research in the fields of pediatric occupational and speech therapy.

We are so thankful for OT Park! My son suffered with emotional regulation and memorization and within a number of sessions, we received practical tips for us to implement at home. Ever since, there’s been a significant increase in his confidence. He’s now thriving and has the language and ability to de-escalate and have positive self perception. Best of all, Dr. Hiral conducted the “therapy” using play. My son looked forward to it every time. This service is revolutionary and a Morgan Hill gem.

Tina D photo

Tina D

Mom of 2 Boys

My kid has been going there ever since they opened. And I have seen tremendous improvement in my kid. I cant be thankful enough to them and therapist in everything they do on daily basis to make kids independent.  Their therapy ways are very creative and innovative. Most importantly its very engaging for kids. Kids think they are playing but in reality its actually an effective therapy.

Brianna S photo

Brianna S

Mom of a Girl

Ms. Hiral has been working with my 3yo son the past few months and have seen a great improvement from when he first started. We drive from San Jose just to take him there because he loves it so much. I always recommend anyone who is in need of an OT provider to Ms Hiral. Thank you for all you do!

Marie C photo

Marie C

Mom of a Girl

OT Park Occupational Therapy has been a fantastic choice for my child’s development. Their engaging, child-friendly environment and expert, empathetic staff have significantly improved my child’s motor skills and confidence. The therapists are excellent with children, making therapy fun and effective. As a parent, I’m involved and supported throughout the process. Overall, OT Park has greatly contributed to my child’s happiness and independence, making it a top recommendation for quality pediatric therapy.

Deepali S photo

Deepali S

Mom of a Son

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We accept cash, check, MasterCard, Visa and Health Savings Account cards as forms of payment. Payment is expected after each session.  We require all clients to provide a credit card number to be kept on file, however you are welcome to pay using one of the other accepted payment options.

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If your provider is not in our accepted insurance list above then you can chose to pay out of pocket.

In order to assist you in submitting for insurance reimbursement, we will email a monthly invoice to all clients to assist in your efforts to obtain reimbursement from your insurance provider for fees paid.  Prior to beginning treatment, you may wish to contact your insurance provider to determine your coverage and reimbursement options.

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