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Working Mom

Working Mom? Some tips about work-Kid Balance

Let’s just be honest – working moms have two full time jobs.  Motherhood is a full-time job in and of itself.  24/7 in fact. Moms are full time cuddlers, full time listeners and full time finders of lost things.  On top of that, we working moms have our “real jobs.”  They require us to take a shower, change out of pajamas and actually talk to grown-ups.  Some days things run flawlessly and some days we can’t believe we signed up for this. 

At OT Park we know that sometimes it feels like you’re doing both things half way.  We know that sometimes you wish you could just focus on work and other days you wish you could just curl up in your pajamas and watch Daniel Tiger with your toddler all day.  And we know that almost all the time, it feels like there’s not enough of you to go around.  But take heart, mama.  You’re not alone.  What’s more, we’re sure you’re doing a fantastic job.  

At OT Park we get it.  We’re working moms too. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best tips to keep everything running smoothly (and help you keep your sanity to boot!). 

Working Mom

Leave work at work:

We know it’s hard.  Reminders ding, e-mails pop up, clients call.  But when you can, do your best to leave work at work.  Give it you’re all while you’re there and then check out.  If you’re able, silence your phone or even put it on airplane mode when you get home.  Disconnecting from work is hard, but it’s good for you and it’s good for your family.  And trust us when we say that taking a break will make you a better employee when it’s time to reconnect. 

Decide What's worth your Time:

Working moms are the queens of wearing all the hats.  We do dishes, plan meals, make sure everyone has a clean outfit for school in the morning.  But there comes a time when you have to decide what’s really worth your time.  If you’re anything like us you have two priorities:  your family and your job.  After that, most things are optional and that’s okay.  Every meal doesn’t have to be Pinterest worthy, every outfit doesn’t have to be front page ready.  Let your priorities run your life and let the other things go.  

Have a plan for family time:

mom playing with kids

When you finally get home from work it can be overwhelming to decide what to do.  Dirty dishes call from the sink, a pile of laundry taunts you from the stairs and your toddler hangs on your leg calling “mommy, mommy, mommy!”  If you head home with a plan you’ll feel in control.  At OT Park we’re here to help.  That’s why we’ve created OT Park box.  Each OT Park box includes ready to go activities to do with your child.  Walk in the door, put down your bag and pick up OT Park box.  No prep required.  With OT Park box it’s easy to walk in the door and jump straight into quality time with your little one.  

Its "ok" to put yourself first:

Not all days are same. Some days you need to push yourself beyond boundaries and put yourself first before everything else, and when I say everything else, that means EVERYTHING ELSE including kids. NO mommy-guild should hurt you for your 30 minutes relaxing massages. Its okay to be first in the family to run the family. If mom is happy, family is happy. If mom is healthy, the family is healthy. 

And last but not the list, have fun!