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Provides an innovative, fully engaged, and extremely effective way.

Parents Involvement

Parent education is an important component of a OT Park treatment plan. We have dedicated sessions for parents only along with child.

Sensory Gym

Our state of the art sensory gym provides all needed sensory equipments to let our therapists focus only on your kid and not let lack of equipments come in a way to provide best therapy. 

Welcoming Place &Quality Therapy

Our philosophy is learning through play as we offer a stimulating environment for children. 

OT Park

Take a lookWhat ExpertsSay about OT Park

Bryan Edwards – President, Occupational Therapy Association Of California, visited OT Park and explained why sensory gyms are so important for kids and how OT Park provides a safe and fun environment for kids.


Intensive Occupational Therapy Sessions!

Occupational Therapy At OT Park

OT Park’s mission is to provide innovative and high-quality therapy services  which are fun and engaging for kids and sensory gym classes to ensure parents dont need to compromise when it comes to their child’s development.

Our Therapy Focus

How It works

Evaluation & Therapy Interventation

OT Park Box

OT Park Sensory Gym

Our Therapy FocusWhy It Matters?

The multi-disciplinary approach to therapy offered by OT Park focuses on treating the whole child. Participants are examined forstrengths and needs, and a treatment plan is designed to maximize strengths whileimproving weaknesses.

With our therapy program, we provide children with a varietyoffunctional activities to improve their skills and gain confidence in order to empower them to conquer their world and reach their full potential.

Therapy Design Approach

Step1: Schedule an initial call with our pediatric OT. this is free of charge, the goal is to get an oppurtunity to hear more about your child and needs.

Step2: We will get you started by scheduling an evaluation/assesment of your child. this is a necessary first step for our Pediatric OT to get to know your child and design unique treatment plan. If you have done an evaluation in last 6 months, our pediatric OT can check if the same evaluation results/scrore can be used.  

A specific appointment date and time will be set up for your child to be evaluated in disciplines of concern. In an evaluation, an evaluating OT will spend time with you and your child to learn about your concerns, the difficulties your child faces, and how those difficulties affect your child’s daily life. these are extremely important information which can help us to design a customized treatment plan which works best for your child. You and your child’s pediatrician will receive a full written evaluation following the assessment, including information regarding your child’s strengths and areas for improvement. You and your child will also receive long-term goals and objectives to work toward along with treatment plan unique to your child’s needs. 

Step3: If therapy services are recommended based on evaluation results, You can be assured that when OT Park recommends therapy services for your child, we will work to design them to suit your child’s particular needs. Your therapist(s) will work with you in order to ensure that skills acquired in therapy are not just suited for OT Park environment but also for daily living for your child. We also offer at home activity box which is unique to OT Park only, which allows you to continue work with your child in home environment.  

Therapy Interventions

Our therapists provide a comprehensive evaluation focused on current skills related to:

  • Grasping patterns
  • Visual motor integration
  • Hand and upper body use
  • Manual dexterity skills
  • Muscle strength through core and upper body
  • Motor coordination and planning
  • Visual skills
  • Dressing skills
  • Self-care skills related to grooming and hygiene
  • Feeding skills (both ability to feed self and sensory based feeding difficulties)
  • Sensory processing abilities
  • Ability to engage in social participation
  • Ability to function independently within the community

Personalized Therapy Plan

From the evaluation process, an individualized treatment plan is developed. Our highly trained therapists will implement each plan to include but not limited to the following treatment techniques:

OT Park Boxes

Therapy does not need to end once you end your therapy sessions for the week.

AT OT Park, We believe that we want to be with you in every step of your child's developmental goals. In order to do that, we have designed our own OT Park Box, which is a skilled activities box for your child development at your home. think of this as a guided homework for your child but in fun and loving way. 

Your child will love the box and all its fun activities, while learning and developing skills. 


Step 1: Discovery Call

Lets get to know what your needs are. this is an informal discussion to learn more about your child.


Step 2: Evaluation

We know at OT Park that evaluations are about best performance, not test performance.


Therapy Starts

Our Highly Rated Therapist will work with you and your kid to provide best of its class and innovative occupational therapy.

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OT Park’s mission is to provide innovative and high-quality therapy services  which are fun and engaging for kids and sensory gym classes to ensure parents dont need to compromise when it comes to their child’s development.